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We can not ignore us that half of the staff that escapes us prematurely. It is not enough for us to make a little effort to ESCs. It is necessary that, little by little, the teaching beyond the first degree takes half of our worries and our publications.

We know how this work will be difficult in an environment as we know it still hurts. But we must also tell us that nothing exists yet this teaching of the Second degree in gestation, which nevertheless takes half of our children. We will contribute boldly in search of the practices and techniques that will continue, to this degree, the long work that we continued with some success in the First Degree.

We give increasing importance to our Technology Educator 2nd degree, for which a special report will be published monthly as a 2nd degree Gerbe we will study together the content. As seen, the work is not missing. We can approach it with great confidence because we have one of the strongest teams of existing educational work not only in France but in the world. (more…)