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Our team of engineers and security specialists will go out into the field, assess your security needs, while respecting the specifics of your facility, both indoor and outdoor. You pay according to the services needed and the particular security requirements of the site to be supervised. Xclusive Network offers a complete line of security products and services including a wide range of IP cameras, Video Management Solutions, Access control and Biometrics systems, Electronic Article surveillance, Alarm systems, Fire Alarm System, Fire Fighting, video/data fiber optic cable transmission systems, IT Services – and much more.

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World-Class Security Technology is supported by highly experienced security specialists, design engineers, service and maintenance professionals all furnished with years of experience in the integration of major systems. All employees embody XCLUSIVE NETWORKS core values, which are reflected in our focus on customer service and dedication to excellence. Key to the success of XCLUSIVE NETWORKS is ongoing specialist training for staff to ensure integrity of systems and protections of your assets.

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Actively productive worldwide expertise.

Retail Solutions Division provides a total security solution by taking a look at the wider picture. xclusive network provides a tailored solution to specific requirements by using combined deterrents effectively. Electronic Article Surveillance (E.A.S.), C.C.T.V. and a whole range of associated equipment such as Store Performance solutions such as Traffic Management (people counting), Radio-Frequency Identification (R.F.I.D.), Source Tagging, Access Control, Public Address System and together with the most innovative security products available on the market to provide the most cost effective and reliable solution.

Integrated Systems (I.S.) deals with the diverse set of requirements imposed, such as a high level of critical security, time-to-market, budget constraints and end users’ expectations. Balancing these needs involves developers to evaluate essential turnkey solutions and I.S. makes this assessment effectively and efficiently.

Security Systems Division handles two of the world leading security system solution in C.C.T.V, Access Control and Intruder Alarms.

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