Banking & Finance

Banks and financial institutions face a very high level of security threats for not just physical security but also network and data security. There has been a massive shift from analogue to digital solutions in the Banking & Finance sector in the last few years worldwide as securing these institutions with the highest level of security gadgets, equipment and software is quintessential

Xclusive Network has completed many projects for Banking and Financial institutions, Some of the key security and IT solutions offered by us in this sector include:

Banking Security
  • Video Surveillance with Intelligent Analytics
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Command and Control Centre
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Perimeter Security
  • Entrance Management Systems
  • Digital Signage Solutions
  • People and Baggage Screening through Metal Detectors & X-ray Scanners
  • Data Centers, Network Security, Server and Storage Solutions
  • RFID and Biometric Access Control
  • Visitor Management Solutions
  • Explosive Detection Kits

We are committed to serving our banking and finance customers; being their valued partner for their security and IT needs and helping them maintain their business continuity and protecting their key assets – people, data and deposits.