New facilities can leverage the lower operating costs of biometric access control using the inBio Series of access control products, which eliminates the need for access control card costs. For facilities that have card credentials, the C3 Series offers cost effective retrofitting of systems with serviceable door strikes, readers, cards and wiring already in place. The xclusive network IP video line offers the most popular IP camera configurations and support equipment at cost effective pricing with the convenience of one-stop shopping for affordable and reliable security solutions. The xclusive network easy, accurate and convenient biometric & RFID time attendance system improves workforce productivity as well.



  • Less people to do more work
  • Less revenue and grants for security projects
  • Increase in violent criminal/terrorist acts over the last 2 years
  • Failing legacy security systems leave gaps in protection
  • Increases in maintenance costs of legacy security
  • Reduction of overall operating budgets
  • Finding innovative security solutions that are affordable and phased over time



  • New approaches to solving government security challenges
  • Practical and reliable lower cost security products
  • Multi-year security technology migration planning
  • Security resources to augment smaller staffs\
  • Leveraging existing security infrastructure investments

Cost Effective Governance of Public Funds

The economy and lack of overall tax revenues have contributed to shrinkage of state and local public FTE employment over the last 5 years. Crime rates have been on the rise in the last two years. Security threats and risks to infrastructure assets have increased. With fewer resources available, more cost efficient ways to deliver safe communities, schools and public venues is challenging. Legacy security systems that are failing need replaced. Biometric access control can cost effectively lower the operational costs of access control and retrofit legacy systems. Protection of vital infrastructure such as transportation, gas and electric utilities, and water resources require greater validated access at often remote or unmanned sites. Biometrics can deliver this level of security at significantly lower operational cost points.