The C3 series of access control panels is a good choice for retrofitting older facilities that use RFID card only access for tenants, including parking areas. The EC10 elevator control product line compliments this choice by providing improved security of building elevators and can provide biometric readers for validated floor control. Provides high quality access control solutions as needed that can be implemented in a cost effective and phased approach. Legacy access control systems are often difficult and expensive to maintain, but leave few options if access card replacement isn’t practical in the short term. Utilization of existing readers, wiring, door strikes and cards while cost effectively replacing or expanding the access control and software capabilities, makes good business sense. xclusive network also provides guard tour system specially for measuring guard patrol performance to minimize compliance risk.


  • ¬†Maintaining adequate secure facilities
  • Changing neighborhood threats
  • Retaining tenant occupancy and attracting new clients
  • Economically managing facility infrastructure
  • Increased demand for more secure parking areas
  • Demanding building owners
  • Skinny operating margins


  • New security products that save them money
  • Cost effective access control upgrade solutions
  • Standardize tenant security improvements
  • Effectively validate for billing
  • Reduce security and risk exposure
  • Simplify building access processes and permissions

Frugally Facilitate Safety and Security

Property management companies are charged with managing and maintaining all aspects of a commercial property, keeping tenants satisfied and providing adequate security measures. Mixed-use properties can present a wide variety of risks and challenges for property management and security. Multi-tenant buildings require wider varieties of access control reader options. Property management and building owners benefit by mitigating unnecessary risk. Controlling authorized access, and video surveillance are two important tools. Energy costs at are at a premium, including lighting and heating/cooling. Building management needs credible information to allocate costs to tenants, as well as building credible cases for lease negotiations. Safer environments by proactively managing access control often equate to tenant lease renewals at favorable rates, which support property management goals.