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AdGuard is a family of feature rich detection systems compatible with all 58 kHz Acousto-magnetic tags and labels. AdGuard’s sleek design not only provides a very stylish and aesthetically pleasing appearance, but also offers the retailer another avenue to increase sales. AdGuard is designed to include space on both sides of the pedestal for advertisement panels or laminate finishes, which are easily changeable to meet current marketing promotions or design needs.


  • Anti-theft protection with the added benefit of retail advertising right at your entrance
  • Fully compatible with all Acousto-Magnetic tags and labels
  • AdGuard comes in Standard and XL versions, differing only in detection distance
  • High End, Sophisticated, Attractive
  • Great detection range
  • Patented noise cancellation technology
  • Alarm volume control
  • Jammer detection
  • Optional External Alarm with audio
  • Optional digital tool for synchronization and tuning


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