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Cardz Me is the distributor for Fargo, Nisca, Matica and Idxpress printers. We are also dealing with popular ID card Printers like Datacard , Zebra, Magicard,Digital-identifiaction, Evolis etc. We are the supplier of ID card Printer accessories and consumables like, ribbons, print head, cleaning Kits etc Our patronage extends from the United Arab Emirates and other Middle East nations (Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran and Iraq) to the Asian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Mongolia) and parts of Africa (Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia,) to the European Nations (Italy, United States, France and Turkey).


200DPI HOLOGRAM, Registered Image (200DPI Hologram)
Nisca Clear Thinfilm Soft Coat (Clear TF Soft)
Nisca Clear 0.5 Mil Patch (NG Clear 290)
Nisca Clear 1 Mil Patch -250 Patches (NG CLR 1mil-250)
Nisca Generic V1 Thin Film (NG Gen.V1)
Nisca Print Hologram Softcoat (NG Hologrm-Softcoat)
Nisca Resin Black Ribbon (NGK)
Nisca YMCKO2 Ribbon (NGYNCKO2)
Nisca YMCKO3 Ribbon 3BP (NGYMCKO3/3BP)
Nisca YMCKO Ribbon-Card Tec (NGYMCKO3 Card Tec)
Nisca YMCKOK2 Ribbon (NGYMCKOK2)
Nisca Generic Gen. V2 Thin Film (Nisca Gen. V2)
Nisca Generic Hologram W/ Security T/E Feature (Nisca Print 250)
Nisca Secure ID 1 Mil Holopatch (Nisca SEC. ID)
Nisca Film/Overlay-Generic Secure ID thin (O/L ID-TF)
Resin Black Ribbon for PRC 101 (PR 5002)
Nisca UV YMCFK Ribbon (YMCFK)
Nisca PRC 101 YMCKO Ribbon (YMCKO PRC 101)


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